I just wanted to let you know what a great job Chris is doing representing your Company.

Yesterday I was up at Halfmoon Bay inspecting our summer house and when I arrived I realized there was a break in the water line service coming from the road to the house.

I phoned Sechelt Plumbing and Chris answered the phone, listened to the problem and then said he would be right out to fix it!

He was there in half an hour and worked with me to make the repair and get everything back into working order.

I thought this was going to be quite a job and take a while but Chris had everything under control and fixed it very quickly.

And the best part was the bill….it turns out that since we have been paying our monthly +/-$7 for about 4 years without having a house call all those “credits” added up to the bill being zero – how good is that!!

I told Chris that each month when I saw the Visa bill come in with that little $7 charge there I often wondered why I kept paying it.

Now I know!

So please let whoever needs to know there at your shop that Chris is a great ambassador for Sechelt plumbing!


– Jim Moodie

Travis was very professional and meticulous. He would be welcomed back anytime!
Chris & Sharon H., Dec 1

Fabulous service & knowledge!
Christine B., May 24

The guys made the plumbing equivalent of a work of art! Incredible finishing work and please express our sincere gratitude for not just the quality of work, but also for cleaning up. The latter is just the icing on the cake but it truly means a lot to walk in, find the extreme quality of the job and then see it cleaned up. Excellent! Many thanks again for the excellent job your folks did for us. Truly appreciated!
Tom B., November 23

Chris is fantastic! We'd ask for him again - 100%!
Adam S., July 02

Please keep up the great service work.
Ralph C., Feb 20

We now have 3 of your toilets. Thanks so much. Great service!
Kathy W., May 8

We were leaving on vacation when our drip turned into a steady stream. Fast service, really appreciated!!
Julie K., June 13

Andy was professional and thorough. Very satisfied.
Marvin C., Mar 22

Ryan's the best. Easy to talk to & very patient.
Roma W., July 25

Andy was very professional with a great attitude.
Wendy O., July 19

I was very happy with the job. It was professionally done. Thank you Steve.
Joe T.

Andy & Emma were a good team, the provided helpful suggestions and did a gross job well.
Bruce L., July 6

The speed & quality of service was outstanding. I will be confident recommending you to anyone knowing they will get first rate service.
Lena L., Jan 17

Steven was so prompt and friendly. Extremely helpful.
Veronica B., Jan 29

I would recommend your business without hesitation.
Kay H., July 12

Steve is the most professional plumber I came across in 35 years in construction.
Wolfgang F., July 05

You can be very proud to have such efficient, courteous technicians working for you.
Anne W., March 11