I just wanted to let you know what a great job Chris is doing representing your Company.

Yesterday I was up at Halfmoon Bay inspecting our summer house and when I arrived I realized there was a break in the water line service coming from the road to the house.

I phoned Sechelt Plumbing and Chris answered the phone, listened to the problem and then said he would be right out to fix it!

He was there in half an hour and worked with me to make the repair and get everything back into working order.

I thought this was going to be quite a job and take a while but Chris had everything under control and fixed it very quickly.

And the best part was the bill….it turns out that since we have been paying our monthly +/-$7 for about 4 years without having a house call all those “credits” added up to the bill being zero – how good is that!!

I told Chris that each month when I saw the Visa bill come in with that little $7 charge there I often wondered why I kept paying it.

Now I know!

So please let whoever needs to know there at your shop that Chris is a great ambassador for Sechelt plumbing!


– Jim Moodie

Chris is fantastic! We'd ask for him again - 100%!
Adam S., July 02

Extra plus service!
Frank C., Dec 8

Andy was first class!
Fern W., Dec 3

Pleasant, professional & thorough service.
Don and Kate P., May 27

We had work done previously & was very, very, satisfied so we called Ryan again. Thanks!
Karen P., Jun 9

I had an emergency situation where my main water line into the house burst. Unfortunately I was in Vancouver and could not tend to the problem. I called Sechelt Plumbing and was put in touch with "Dan." Dan assessed the situation and assured me all would be handled. He took care of everything from applying for a work permit on my behalf, speaking with the municipality, arranging payment, bringing in machinery, locating,digging and refilling a new trench, laying down pipe, installing a convenient shut off valve, ordering more topsoil and leveling out the surrounding landscaping. His co-workers, Emma and Travis completed the job with the same professional approach. They cleaned up after themselves and went above and beyond anything I had expected. Dan also assessed some other potential plumbing problems and advised me accordingly. The final price was far less then what I had expected and for the efficiency, convenience and lack of stress I consider every penny well spent. The entire job from start to finish took one day!!! Now THAT IS SERVICE!! Thank you Sechelt Plumbing!!
Lorraine - Aug 2010, Davis Bay

Professional, quick, thorough service! Thank you!
Marc J., Dec 2

Courteous, helpful, amazing! Thank you!
Virginia H., Jan 20

Good job, well done.
Lyle C., May 10

Superior service by both Ryan and Emma.
Denise S., Mar 10

Our problem was new to Andy and he stuck with it to completion.
Morris J., Mar 2

Ryan was courteous, knowledgeable and tidy. Very pleased with his work ethic.
Michele L.

I'm very impressed & thankful for the great service from start to finish.
Phillip A.

Another emergency well handled. Thanks!
Dan F., Aug 17

Thanks a bunch!
Brigid C., May 7

The best service received in Sechelt in 10 years.
Barry J., July 16

From phone call to job completion, 1 ½ hours! Well done Steven. Thank you!
Joan C., June 20