I just wanted to let you know what a great job Chris is doing representing your Company.

Yesterday I was up at Halfmoon Bay inspecting our summer house and when I arrived I realized there was a break in the water line service coming from the road to the house.

I phoned Sechelt Plumbing and Chris answered the phone, listened to the problem and then said he would be right out to fix it!

He was there in half an hour and worked with me to make the repair and get everything back into working order.

I thought this was going to be quite a job and take a while but Chris had everything under control and fixed it very quickly.

And the best part was the bill….it turns out that since we have been paying our monthly +/-$7 for about 4 years without having a house call all those “credits” added up to the bill being zero – how good is that!!

I told Chris that each month when I saw the Visa bill come in with that little $7 charge there I often wondered why I kept paying it.

Now I know!

So please let whoever needs to know there at your shop that Chris is a great ambassador for Sechelt plumbing!


– Jim Moodie

From phone call to job completion, 1 ½ hours! Well done Steven. Thank you!
Joan C., June 20

Steven is most courteous and thorough in his work. Pleasant demeanor.
Kathleen D., Feb 8

I like the service and the Diamond Club.
Mariette B., Aug 6

House was plumbed by Sechelt Plumbing when it was built. Was great at furnishing the right style of fixture. Technician was excellent at explaining the Diamond Club.
Marg B., May 22

He took off his shoes, answered all questions and fixed our problem very quickly and efficiently. Thank you!
Noreen G., Nov 12

Ryan was polite, fast, and efficient also knowledgeable.
Claus G.

Ryan was courteous, professional & a quick worker. Explained everything & fixed the problem efficiently.
Maureen S., April 7

Steve came out late at night after a long day. He has been great. Thanks!
Linda M., Jun 18

Excellent service by service by Steve, who worked thru the dinner hour to resolve out problem.
Bruce B.

Very good, nice person. Very professional.
Don L., June 08

Your commitment to Habitat for Humanity is the reason for the call.
Keenan M., Nov 19

It's always good!
Coast Professional Centre, Jan 25

Good hard working and courteous completion of job.
Larry M., Jun 24

Always a great job! Thanks
Lorraine S., April 29

Extra plus service!
Frank C., Dec 8

Ryan's the best. Easy to talk to & very patient.
Roma W., July 25

From first phone call to book, to end of service call, everything was perfect.
Karen P., Jun 9